The first data on the production of dairy products in the old Rokiškis manor dairy were recorded. In the post-war years, the manor dairy was transformed into the Rokiškis cooperative dairy. Around 1957 - 1960, after the reconstruction and the installation of electricity-using devices, the production of lean cheeses and caseins began.



On July 14, 1961, the Council of Ministers of the Republic of the Lithuanian Soviet Union adopted a resolution on the construction of a cheese factory in Rokiški. Construction began in 1964. Had to work 500 shifts a year.


The factory located in the new premises started operating in February 1966, its first production was butter, pasteurized milk, cottage cheese and sour cream. The news about the new factory immediately appeared on television screens. On March 22, 1966, the first batch of fermented cheeses was produced. Rokiškis supplied dairy products not only to Russia, but also to other countries.


In 1991, the privatization of the state-owned company "Rokiškios sūrių gamykla" began. The planned economy was replaced by the market economy. In the Soviet era, the ministry simply specified annual plans for the quantities of all products. The market conditions not only did not disrupt the company's activities, but on the contrary - provided an opportunity to become the strongest in Lithuania and the entire Baltic region. the road of Rokiškis cheese to Western markets began.


On February 28, 1992, the joint-stock company "Rokiškio sūris" was registered at the State Patent Office of the Republic of Lithuania. The first shareholders were the company's employees. In 1994, the first foreign investors were received. Strengthening its position in the local market, during this period the company joined smaller Lithuanian milk processing companies.


AB "Rokiškio sūris" group consists of three production sites located in the cities of Rokiškis, Utena and Ukmergė. In order to achieve efficiency, the newly formed closed joint-stock company "Rokiškio pienas" started its activities, which became the basis of "Utenos pienas". Also, "Ukmergės pieninė" joins the company's activities.


After the reorganization of UAB "Rokiškio pienas" UAB "Rokiškio pieno gamyba" and UAB "Rokiškio pieno gamyba" branch Ukmergės pienininė are formed.


UAB "Rokiškio pieno gamyba" branch Ukmergės pieninė - changed to DairyHub.

DairyHub - Part of the Rokiškis sūris group, which specializes in a wide range of hard cheese packaging.