About the company

Rokiskio suris AB is a suitable example of a successful business, proving that focus, persistent pursuit of a common goal and professionalism help not only to survive critical situations, but also to present new challenges to competitors every time after learning from their mistakes.

The consolidated group of Rokiskio suris AB consists of:

Main company: Rokiskio suris AB (address Pramones st. 3, LT-41250 Rokiskis. Company code 173057512)

5 subsidiaries:

  • Rokiskio pienas UAB (Pramones st. 8, LT-28216 Utena, company code 300561844);
  • Rokiskio pieno gamyba UAB (Pramones st. 8, LT-28216 Utena, company code 303055649);
  • "Dairyhub.lt" UAB (Kauno st. 65, LT-20118 Ukmerge);
  • SIA Jekabpils piena kombinats (Lejas 1, Zīlāni, Kūku pagasts, Jēkabpils novads, LV-5222 Latvia, company code 45402008851);
  • SIA Kaunata (Rogs, Kaunata pag., Rezeknes nov., Latvia, įmonės kodas 240300369).
Our motto

What we do for this day is good,

tomorrow we will make it even better!

Our mission

Trusted Dairy Professionals

Long-term goals
To create, consolidate and ensure a safe long-term market for manufactured products.
Ensure a stable, coordinated zero-waste production program.
Maintain constant contact with milk producers.
Core values<br>and strengths

Core values
and strengths

  • A harmonious team and good management
  • Modern technology
  • Good job
  • Financial stability
  • Speed and flexibility in making decisions and responding to external changes
  • Continuous improvement