Business ethics policy




AB “Rokiškio sūris“ is an innovative company of high labour culture, with production of the highest quality compliant with requirements established in international and national standards. AB “Rokiškio sūris” have a clear understanding of their responsibility to customers, employees, partners, environment and community; therefore, the company bases their business on worldwide recognized human and employee rights, apply principles of socially responsible business, acts in a transparent, trustworthy and honest way.

The present policy is intended to present orders on fight against corruption and bribery and define general provisions of the company and key guidelines.




Corruption is the abuse of entrusted power for private gain or gain to another person. Gain can be financial and nonfinancial. Corruption includes all corruptive acts defined in applicable laws of the Republic of Lithuania.


Bribery is an offer, giving, permission to give, request, acceptance or receive of financial or other gain, seeking to encourage improper performance or abuse a position taken by a person. A bribe cannot necessarily be in a monetary form.


Facilitating payments is a financial payment made to officials with the intention of expediting or facilitating transactions.




In their business the company follows core principles of good corporate governance: responsibility, transparency, fairness and accountability.


Responsibility. The company runs their business in a responsible way.  


Transparency. The company meets requirements set out in applicable laws of the Republic of Lithuania, collaborates with institutions and provides required information defined in laws, where necessary.


Fairness. The company employees shall perform their functions and work in a fair and transparent manner, considering principles of impartiality, priority of the company interests, legality and confidentiality.


Reliability. Seeking for trust of the partners, shareholders, suppliers, customers and employees, the company declare zero tolerance to any forms of corruption.




To implement these principles and values in the company:


  • Employees shall not directly or indirectly offer, accept, give permission to give, ask or receive a bribe;


  • Employees responsible for recruitment, training and promotion of employees shall secure competent personnel procedures;


  • It is forbidden to directly or indirectly offer, transfer, permit giving, promise any gifts to state officers, officials or any other third party that can presume it as a way to influence and receive personal gain or benefits for business;


  • It is forbidden to abuse the position that is understood as use of rights, position or authorities against the position interests, business principles and content. Exceeding granted authority is forbidden.


    To implement this policy, in relations with business partners, suppliers and customers, the company seeks to prove reliable partnership and demonstrates zero tolerance to any corruption manifestations; the Company Management declares strong support to fight against corruption publicly. Any bribery or offering or accepting any money is forbidden. Anticorruption approach shall apply to all company employees, representatives, mediators, and subcontractors. The supplier selection process cannot be based on gifts or personal interests. A supplier shall be grounded on a documented process, proving the selection of a certain supplier. Purchases and sales shall be carried out following laws, in a transparent and fair manner. If necessary, separate cases shall be investigated to prevent risks caused by bribery and corruption related to the third parties.


    Events intended to establish and consolidate relations with business partners and suppliers, gifts, activities shall be arranged in good will, following applicable laws, local acts of the company and the present policy.




    The Vindication Manager shall be responsible for monitoring of the Policy implementation.


    Breach reporting


    All and any Policy breaches or suspected breaches shall be reported to the manager to inquire or confidentially via the following channels:



    Tel +370 458 55302


    The Company shall be obligated not to disclose an author of a statement.


    The Company shall hear statements following the Procedure of submission and hearing of claims, issues, inquiries and requests BP 10 P002-PS







    Manager of AB “Rokiškio sūris”

    Dalius Trumpa

    23 02 2018